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Waterlogic WL250

The WL250 delivers on a promise of endless refreshing chilled water for your workplace. It features multi-stage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization to prevent potential biofilm build up and reduce bacterial growth. The business friendly design and guaranteed reliability ensure you have all the quality cold and hot water your employees and guests need.

Tower and Counter Top Models
Cold and Hot Water
Ultraviolet Light Sanitization
Leak Detection in Counter Top












Features & Benefits

Water Options:

A mid-price cooler with premium features

The WL250 has very good capacity for the busy workplace combined with safety detection systems usually found only on more expensive models. Carbon filtration system means the water tastes great.

Filtered chilled and hot water
UV technology to eliminate bacteria
Tower and counter-top models
Option for drip tray drainage
UV light sensor


View all tech specs

Type Available Tower
Dimensions 13.5” (W) x 40.5” (H) x 14.5” (D)
343 mm x 1029mm x 368mm
Counter top dimensions 13.5” (W) x 17.75” (H) x 14.5” (D)
343mm x 451mm x 368mm
Dispense area height 8.5in (216mm)
Weight Tower: 58lbs (26.3kg) Countertop: 42lbs (19.1kg)
Recommended filtration Countertop:
Carbon Block (CBC) 1 micron with lead and cyst reduction
Sediment Block, Carbon Block (CBC),
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Capacity Hot tank: 1.5 liters
Cold tank:
4 liters tower
2 liters counter top
Compressor 120V/60Hz
Water temperature Cold: 40°F
Hot: 188°F

bottleless water cooler

High Performance Filtration

This model can be configured with four stage reverse osmosis filtration or multi stage carbon filtration, depending on water conditions. These filtration processes effectively remove water contaminants and chlorine to improve water taste and odor.

In-tank UV* sanitization

Waterlogic’s UV technology uses an in-tank UV system to effectively remove waterborne micro-organisms to guarantee the best quality water.

BioCote® protection

The water reservoir and the plastic surfaces surrounding the dispensing area are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive able to protect the product against the negative effects of odor and staining microbes, such as bacteria and mold.

Water Cooler products at low prices!

Water is your everyday life. All bottleless water coolers included our powerful NSF certified dual stage filtration system. Filtered water coolers are easy to install - no technician required. In a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy crisp cold or instant hot water at the push of a button. Save time. Save Money. Go Bottleless.

bottleless water coolers


Simply great, clear water*

Free from fluoride
(dependent on filters type and water conditions)

Free from chlorine
(dependent on filters type and water conditions)

Free from water-borne tastes and odors

*Filtration results based on the use of RO, GAC, CBC or sediment filters.

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